Friday, May 26, 2017

Fun or Funny Fri Foto ~ Neighborhood Cat Nap

The other day I went out to get my mail.
It was a bit hot.
The neighborhood cat followed me into the house.
He normally comes in the back doors which I leave open,
makes his rounds and leaves.
This time he made his rounds and didn't leave.
I think he was tired of the cat bird nagging him, so he took a nap.
He first made his bed on the floor by the open doors.
The cat bird was just outside still squawking. 
The cat finally covered his eyes to sleep a while as if that might make the bird go away.
He eventually moved up to the chair as if to have a better advantage of the cat bird.
Its fun to watch cats.  Its just relaxing to watch them relax.

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Thoughtful Thinking Thursday #91~ Post Card Challenge Thoughts

 One of our quilt guild challenges this year is to create a post card.
Someone brought several to the last meeting to help give us an idea.
I thought it odd to hold this one as we are in the last week of school here right now.
Of course being a retired teacher, I'm attracted to this one with the little red school house and yellow bus.
So I'm thinking I might do one about school?
Then again, I love this one which could have been a page from a coloring book,
or possibly a book of prose.
Thinking I should hit the library for some ideas.
Think about it.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wordless Wednesday #217 ~ Orchids for Mother's Day

 I received these from my Daughter and her family on Mother's Day.

I've never tended orchids.
Something new to learn all the time.
Love these delicate flowers.


Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Speciality Bobbin Threads & Recycled Blue Jean Doll Dress

   When I shop yard sales and second hand stores, I do look for threads that you normally think you wouldn't use on a sewing machine.  If they are too thick to be used in the needle, I think about the possibilities of using it in the bobbin.

Tuesday Tutorial Teaser

            Sometimes I've bought these large spools of threads that I envision were departed from a sewing factory somewhere. We lost many sewing factories in Kentucky to Mexico during the Clinton years and many gave away the fabrics and threads at that time. These spools are usually priced fifty cents to $1 !

You may need to check your machine's directions 
for changing settings in your bobbin.
I didn't need to change settings. 
 This thick thread worked fine.
 You have to pay attention to which side you sew to make sure your "specialty thread" shows up where you intend it to show.

I cut my threads long and braided the ends.
Then, I looped the braided threads & zig zagged the ends down.
The threads became a button loop.
I left the shabby neck edge, but I did cut the thread ends after I zig zagged them down.

This doll dress was made from a pair of jeans.
The skirt came from the leg bottom.
Notice my practice sample.  
I decided to stay simple.
The thread itself was decorative enough.
I found these shots when I was going through my files for a Monday Memory.
This doll dress was actually made in 2011 in my old sewing room
with my last machine before it locked up on me.
 This was before I moved to my present home.
That was the day when patterns went on sale for 99cents
and I wondered how they could do that to a 14$ pattern.
I think it's called competition which is gone now?

This is a tutorial teaser because deep details are not shown or written.
Just enough to inspire.... I hope.

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Monday, May 22, 2017

Memory Mon 50 ~ Simple Retirement Memories

Does not seem 6 years ago that my girls honored me with the PERFECT retirement dinner.
Some would have wanted/expected a large number of people at a fancy place.
NOT me.
My daughters know me well.
I'm a country girl.
Love the outdoors.
The dining room table was drug outside along with any chair we could find.
The table was adorned with my daughter's home grown, hand picked flowers.
In my mind, it was a scene you'd find in the "Country Living" magazine
 or the "Folk Lifestyle" tumbler website.
 I don't care for large crowds.
I prefer quiet, calm and relaxation and sharing times.
Love moments like this one with my grand daughter.
My other grand daughter grabbed the camera and took all but the first 2 shots in this post.

We ended the evening down on the creek at what was at the time my new home yet to be moved into
with a marshmallow roast for dessert.
 It was a perfect time that created perfect simple memories.
For me life's simple pleasures are the best.
Good Memories

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Saturday, May 20, 2017

Quilt Shot Block #87~ Flip & Sew Quilt for Linus Project

  Flip & Sew
A quilt as you go technique that creates a reversible quilt.

 We have a lady in our quilt guild that has taken on the monumental task of 
collecting donated fabrics and supplies and then redistributing to people to make quilts
as well as collect quilts we make for the Linus Project.
At the last December meeting she brought zip bags full of sets of fabrics.
I grabbed this brightly colored bunch.
I had some scrap batting picked up at a yard sale just for Linus projects.

Our quilts are always received with a smile, big thank-you and I feel, with great gratitude.
There are no ridged rules which means its a great opportunity for us to throw our scraps together
or experiment, like I did when I got my quilting frame.
Our goof ups are taken in stride and I'm guessing the entire quilt is eventually cherished by someone.

 When I laid out the pieces,
I thought they would make a great reversible flip and sew quilt.
I had gotten the idea from Nancy Zeiman, but I don't see her video to share now.
However, Kaye Wood has a video of her 6 hour quilt which is very similar. Please see below for link

 I randomly cut up the pieces in strips 2 at a time, one strip for front and one for back.
While at it I cut 2½ inch strips for the binding.
This technique does not use a whole cloth of fabric for the backing.
Instead a matching strip is used for the back
 and sewn on the same time you sew on the matching strip of batting and top strip.
To start the first column, the matching sized strips are places right sides together,
then the batting is placed on top which would be laying on the wrong side of one of the strips. (see above)

The 3 layers are serged at one time.
Then flip the fabrics right sides out with the batting laying between. (blue)
Lay the next strip (green) right sides with the blue,
then batting on top,
then another green strip to the right side of the blue on the back.

Stitch down the side stitching all 6 layers together.
Then flip out the green column and add on the red.
The quilt stitches quickly using my serger

Cut off the ends to even the edges if necessary.
I ran out of fabric, but I just happened to have some fabric in my stash
that blended in well with the primary colors.
Curious George worked great.
I thought this fabric might be a great conversation piece with the child that would be receiving this quilt
for whatever worrisome reason.

 For more information
please check out the Linus Project web page.

Kaye Wood's Six Hour Quilt


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